About Us

Today – we are all finding new ways in how we want to work out, and from where.  On-the-go fitness, or fitness-anywhere has taken shape as the desire to compliment time spent in the gym or on the training field increases.

Our motivating factor behind SlamNow was to create access to fitness, anywhere.   It started with our own passion for finding unique ways to work out at home or while on the road, with similar gear we could use while at the gym.

Supporting fitness, enhancing training

We each have unique exercise or training needs.

The runner who wants to build strength training into his routine.  The club soccer player who would benefit from muscle recovery after a tough game.  The corporate exec who travels a ton and wants to maintain her exercise routine while on the road.

We’ve set out to support those who want to add to their exercise program, those who want to take their game to the next level, those who would do anything to get that one workout in.

Our Kits

Our highly portable, customized Kits are designed to level-up workouts by providing the  foundational “tools” to support cardio and strength training, and massage therapy.  We give athletes and fitness lovers alike the ability to work out from anywhere – be it at their home, on the driveway or at the local park, or even when on the road.

We have four foundational Kits, each which can be customized to meet a team or training client’s unique needs.  

  • The HIIT Kit provides all the items for solid strength and core training.  
  • The Roll-It-Out Kit can be used to warm up or cool down from a workout or game.  
  • The Agility Kit includes gear for speed and agility training.
  • The Apartment Kit includes those items that can be used in smaller spaces.  
The Roll-It-Out Kit