Weekly Workout 1

Day 3

  This workout packs a punch to the upper body. Grab your cones, a ball, and your exercise mat. As you get started – take breaks when needed, and break each set into manageable repetitions! Alternating ball pushups are an advanced movement. Try by starting with one hand on the floor and the other hand …

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Day 2

Grab your agility ladder – it’s time for some Tabata! You can do each movement for 4 minutes each, or rotate through all movements for the entire 16 minutes. Push hard, then enjoy the quick rest before moving to the next activity!

Day 1

Today’s full body workout is a mix of compound movements and a blast of heart pumping cardio!

Compound movements are exercises that work different muscles at the same time, as opposed to a single joint movement such as a bicep curl.

More muscles being worked = more caloric burn, improved coordination, increased strength, and increased mobility!