The Roll-It-Out Kit

The Roll-It-Out Kit is your toolbox for your muscle and lymphatic system health – packed full of necessary myofascial release items to ensure you recover fast from your workouts and stay injury-free.

Inside the Roll-It-Out Kit you’ll find a high-quality Roller, a studded Foot Massager, 2 smooth Massage Balls (2.5-inch diameter), 2 spiked Massage Balls (3-inch diameter), and a medium Massage Ball (5-inch diameter), all packed in a heavy-duty canvas bag. Each item was strategically selected to provide you everything you need to treat knots in any muscle, increase range of motion at any joint, and remove lactic acid after tough workouts.

The Roll-It-Out Kit will become your best friend. Perfect for Personal Trainers, Virtual Health Coaches, Physical Therapy or Chiropractor Patients, and Employee Wellness Programs.